Easter Bunny mask-making… let the children lead the way

Easter Bunny mask

So, after posting 8 Great Activities for the Easter Holidays that don’t involve Feathers or Eggs on the blog last week, small boy made it pretty clear this morning that Easter activities were on his agenda for the day. Luckily, we had just finished a packet of cereal, so we had the cardboard required to make the Easter Bunny mask he was so keen to create. Small boy did most of the cutting, all of the drawing and held the ends of the whiskers as I pushed the needle through and tied the knots. When someone knocked on the door later in the day, he was down on all fours, hopping about!

The moral of today’s story is… let the children lead the way. I had not mentioned my previous blog post to the boys last week, but today, out in the park after making the Easter Bunny mask, small boy and his friend spontaneously picked up sticks and started playing noughts and crosses in the mud. They know; children know all about creativity and play… about drawing in the mud and using free materials to create something fabulous.  They know and they can teach us, so today, why not let the children lead the way? We can learn so much from them.

Please share with me the creative activities that your kids surprise and delight you with in the comments below… I would love to know.

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