Friday Gratitude List… what are you grateful for today?

The gratitude practice I established in 2012, has had an uplifting impact, way beyond any expectations
 I had when thoughts of implementing a regular gratitude practice first came to me in the shower in January 2012. The most obvious benefits of my evening practice of writing a gratitude list have been a higher quality sleep and a more positive outlook in day to day life.

I regularly share my end of the day gratitude lists on Facebook and encourage friends to add their joys to the mix. There is something so uplifting about sharing the things you are grateful for and hearing what has made others smile in their day. I like to imagine friends and family engaging in the activities or savouring the moments they mention. It always makes me smile and adds to the great pleasure of my practice.

With this new website, my intention is to share regular gratitude posts and in doing so spread the idea of expressing gratitude yet further, thus widening the reach and extending the benefits of the practice. I do hope that you will add your own happy moments and good things in the comments below and take pleasure in relishing the delights of others who leave comments here.

This, I hope, will be the first of many Friday Gratitude Lists, so please come back again…

Today, I am grateful for…

A friendly doctor. I rarely visit the doc, but I have been twice this week… (nothing serious) and having had doctors in the past who were less than courteous, what a difference a kind greeting, a warm smile, and a door held open makes… and that was before I had even taken a seat! Thank you doc; your kind manner is very much appreciated.

My camera. It does not fit in my pocket like some simple point and shoots I have had, but I am enjoying learning how to drive it and love the feel of it in my hands. I am grateful that my pics are also improving… result!

Two weeks off school… starts today. Late mornings; lazy breakfasts; pyjamas day if we feel like it. Yay! True, I may be feeling grateful that the kids are going back to school in two weeks, that’s why it is so important to be grateful in the moment. Wink, wink. For the moment, I am delighted that the boys are home and that we have time to relax without running up the hill to school early each day and can go out, ride bikes and take each day as it comes.

Videos like this one… Hell Yeah! Passion into business; Inspiration. Just watch it! I am grateful for people with a passion who share their stories and I have a great appreciation for the skill of film makers whose talent promotes an emotional connection between viewer and subject. I am also grateful that, thanks to the Internet, we are able to learn so much, first hand, about the lives of others, no matter what our field or interests.

I am grateful that my eldest son has been offered a place at the school of his choice and that most of his friends will be going there. This means that he can walk up to school in the morning and home in the evening and will have a large number of friends within walking distance. We received the offer a couple of week ago, but I am grateful for this daily.

Simple fish dinners… tasty; healthy; quick. I am grateful that through the Internet, we have such a fabulous source of recipes at our fingertips. Most of my cookery books are now redundant and I can feel another cull coming on. There are just a few I will hold onto, yes, but I will certainly be grateful for the extra space when the clear out is finished.

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