Being kinder to myself and saying YES!

Hi there,

I have decided that I am going to do a series of videos about self-care and being kinder to myself. The reason I am sharing these videos with you is because I am hoping that I will inspire you to be kinder to yourself as well, and look after yourself a lot better.

The reason I am making the video from the car today is that I have spent the morning at home, trying to get things up and running on my home computer [unsuccessfully] and on a laptop that I borrowed, but I was driving along and thinking about the ways in which I have put the breaks on; all the ways in which I have stopped myself in the past; how I have let technology or fear or all sorts of things get in the way. While I was driving, I was thinking… I have my phone; I can do videos on my phone; why not?

I just pulled into a little side road and so the being kinder to myself thing that I would like to share with you today is saying YES and finding a way; even when you’re frightened; even when there are things getting in the way, there is always a way that you can say YES, that you can embrace the thing that you want to do and get on with it. So, that’s what I am doing at the moment… sitting in my car here, making my video on my phone. It’s an imperfect first attempt that I am very happy to share with you. I would love it if you could leave a comment in the comments below about how you put the brakes on or how you limit yourself and how you are stepping up and saying YES to some of the things you would really like to do today.

I will speak to you very soon.



  1. Jo Robinson says

    Hi Julia,

    Love the video and the whole ‘love yourself’ strand.
    Over the last month I’ve been putting myself first so that I have more time too write. I’ve told some of my friends – particularly the more ‘triggering’ ones, that they wont be seeing as much of me for a while as I want to focus on my writing. It was so liberating! I’m getting more writing done, plus when I do see them I enjoy our time together more as I don’t resent it.

    Good luck with your challenge!
    Love, Jo x

    • Julia Elmore says

      Hi Jo,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting… great to see you here. It’s great to hear that you have been putting yourself first and taking time to focus on your writing. Feels good, huh? I love that being kinder to yourself means that you are enjoying time with your friends so much more too.

      Recording these little videos and writing about simple self-care is helping me be more conscious about the way I treat myself and I know that also has an impact on others too… if I am kinder to myself, I am more relaxed and thoughtful with those around me.

      Much love,
      Julia x

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