How a broken necklace led to a new skill, a sense of achievement and a fantastic customer service experience

broken necklace now fixed

Proudly sporting the necklace I repaired myself

Yesterday, I had a few hours free, so I decided to take a broken necklace to be fixed. I popped along to Beadworks in Covent Garden expecting to leave the necklace there to be repaired for probably more than it originally cost. What happened next took me by surprise.

Yes, I could leave the broken necklace with Molly to be mended or there was another option…
The lovely Ada, who was working there asked me, “Would you like to do it yourself?”. It was fear of getting it wrong that made me think that I would rather someone else did it, but when I was offered a space in which to work and advice as well as tools, I could hardly refuse the opportunity. Ada explained what I needed to purchase in order do the repair; told me how to do it, step by step; even drew me a little diagram. I purchased the tiger tail, crimps, closed rings and crimp covers and a new length of leather on which the wired beads would be tied. Downstairs, a small table had everything I needed to lay out my beads, thread and cut the wire, tighten the crimps and covers. Another member of staff, Sophie, was on hand to help me out with the tricky bits and the finer details, guiding me with little tips when I looked a little lost.

My total spend at Beadworks was less than seven pounds, but the experience was priceless.

It was not just a newly fixed necklace that I left the shop with yesterday. I left with:
• new knowledge
• a sense of achievement
• a desire to make my own necklace from scratch
• a warm feeling towards the lovely, creative staff who had helped me

Beadworks gave this long term customer an amazing experience and fantastic customer service. I have been a small spend customer at this shop for years, but didn’t know, until yesterday, that I could actually work on jewellery in their shop, provided I had purchased materials there. Staff went above and beyond the call of duty to share their knowledge and expertise. The feel good factor this created is exactly what makes people want to return to your business and spend money with you again and again. It is also what makes you recommend a company or service.

This is not an affiliate review – I do not get any kind of recompense for writing this; the words flowed from the desire to let other people know where to go when you need a new necklace and a creative fix.


  1. says

    Wow that’s fantastic. My daughter got a watch for her birthday. I took her to the little watch mechanic stall outside Debenhams to get extra holes put in (Daddy offered but we wanted neat little holes!). We’d actually gone in to get her nails done as a treat only to discover Debehams didn’t have a nail bar anymore and she started to cry. The lady I asked suggested eyebrow threading instead (this had replaced the nail bar). Er…on a 7 year old! I was pretty cross. It was just blatant sales without consideration for the customer at all. The worst kind of service. Despondant we went to get the watch sorted and the watch mechanic put extra holes in her watch and cleaned it and when I went to pay he just waved me away. He did it for free. Totally made the trip into town and parking costs worth it. Love great customer service. I try to be the watch mechanic x p.s. and we ended up buying some sparkly nail varnish and nail stickers and doing her nails at home!. x

    • Julia Elmore says

      What a wonderful story about your watch mechanic Lynsey… thank you for sharing. That’s exactly the kind of customer service that makes people not only return, but spread the word about their happy experiences… the Feel Good Factor really works! x

  2. says

    I love that shop! I can’t believe it’s still there… I first discovered it as a teenager and made my first ever money selling jewellery made after hours of picking bead combinations and threading wires. I used their beads to make my wedding tiara sixteen years ago; the crystals were beautiful but my bleeding fingers from twisting the wire needed TLC! I assumed life would have moved it on so I was thrilled that the shop still existed when I found it with my daughter and we made Christmas presents a few years back.
    Such a lovely calm occupation and so good so hear they are still being fabulous and haven’t been kicked out by soaring rents!

    • Julia Elmore says

      Yes, Beadworks is really one of those rare (ahem) gems, isn’t it Alice? I LOVE that you beaded your own wedding tiara. Fabulous! Not so good about the sore fingers though. Yes, I find beading (like chopping veg) an almost meditative process and was a teen beader too, just like you. I am hoping to return there soon and make necklaces I cannot find for myself and as gifts. x

  3. says

    How lovely to have the opportunity learn a new skill, rather than simply getting someone else to do the job – well done Beadworks! I would love to learn how to make jewellery – we have a bead shop in Kingston, and I’ve often gone in there to have a browse, but I’ve simply no idea where to start choosing from such a vast selection, let alone how to thread them together to make a pleasing piece of jewellery!

    • Julia Elmore says

      So true Julia. I was delighted to learn, especially as doing so was so unexpected and spontaneous! They do classes there on Saturday pm, I believe. Perhaps your Kingston shop offers lessons too? x

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