Connecting with my Body More Consciously

breathe stretch reconnect bodyAs I mentioned in previous posts, I was forced to slow my ordinary pace over the Easter holidays due to a virus that left me exhausted, even after a good long night of sleep. It made me appreciate the normal things; how I usually go through each day with such ease. This week, boys back at school, I have been gently moving back into the rhythm of the daily routine and in doing so connecting with my body more consciously.

After a period of illness, however brief, I always experience deep gratitude for my health. In recent months, I have felt changes in my body – aches where I have not previously experienced them and clicking and crunching sounds which I put down to time spent on computers in awkward positions. My desire to be consciously active and spend more time away from the computer was one of the prompts that led to purchase a bicycle this week; the need to keep up with my kids when they are on two wheels was another.

Freewheeling through the park on my new bike, I enjoyed a sense of freedom and ease. I love the feeling of the breeze on my bare arms; the wind in my hair; it takes me out of my head and into my body; the thoughts that usually fill my head evaporate and I feel connected to my environment in the moment.

In contrast, later in the week, I felt, once again, the same disproportionate sense of overwhelm that I experienced one month earlier and finally identified as PMS. The dark cloud descended rapidly and tears fell without warning; things that had felt manageable in during days proceeding became almost too much to bear. The pain felt physical. Knowing, this time around, that this was a temporary hormonal imbalance and would pass, made it easier to deal with, though whether this particular cycle of emotions is something I have experienced throughout my life, but lacked the awareness of the cause, or if it has become more severe in recent months I am still not sure. What matters is that I do have the knowledge now and knowledge is power.

This morning, on waking, I felt the urge to get physical and reconnect with my body, so took myself along to a yoga class. Again, as with cycling, it was a physical awareness in the moment that took me out of my head and into a deeper connection with the energy in my body. The buzz of animation balanced with feelings of lightness that punctuated my experience of the class helped set me back on track. Afterwards, another class member invited me to join him for a cup of tea. My usual response would have been to make my excuses and head home, but I am trying to challenge my default reaction in certain circumstances. I was glad that I did. We enjoyed tea in the open and discovered areas of common ground; this was a morning well spent.

As the weekend draws to a close and a new week begins, I am already thinking how I can keep the openness; the lightness; the ease that I am feeling once again today. My slow stroll through the park after the school run will be reintroduced this week; I will walk slowly and breathe deeply. On days when it is necessary to sit at the screen, I will take regular breaks, stretch my body and drink an extra glass of water. When I am home and feeling stuck and need to change the energy I will dance or get on my bike.

What can you do this week to connect with your body more consciously? Please share your ideas in the comments below… I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. says

    Hi Julia
    This really resonated with me, I have a long term condition which means I tire very easily, and this week I have been enjoying lying on the grass meditating and listening to the birds twittering away and slow walks in the sunshine with my dog. Unfortunately, getting my bike out is a bit ambitious for me at the moment, but I will get there one day. The best thing I am learning is to listen to my body, these past couple of days, I have had a dramatic drop in energy and so have just sat, read a book and let my body recover, which it is slowly, in the past I would have felt guilty about doing this, but now I realise it is better to take the time for yourself because you come back stronger and happier!
    Love your new site and hopefully, when I am stronger and able to travel I’ll be able to join you and be creative at one of your sessions!
    Keep up the lovely blogs.
    Hugs & happiness
    Michelle x

    • Julia Elmore says

      Oh Michelle, thank you so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts and experience. It has taken me a long time to learn to listen to my body, but I seem to be finally getting there! So important to do what we need when energy is low and relax or switch off to do instead of trying to push on through. Like you, guilt would have stopped me from slowing down until recently, but experience has shown that it really is vital sometimes and definitely leads to stronger and happier. There will be more blog posts here soon (and likely some videos soon too). I am also looking forward to speaking with more women about their own self-care stories and learnings. Plenty to share!
      I would love to see you at one of my workshops when you have the energy.
      Much love,
      Julia x

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