Friday Gratitude List… what are you grateful for and why?

Spring SkySince committing (in my head) to a weekly gratitude post here, I have been absent. Funny how that happens; the Universe steps in and decides that it’s time for you to take a break when you’ve only just started. However, just the horse-mad teen me used to get straight back on and ride again after a fall, I am here and committing afresh to a regular gratitude post and to finding the lessons in the things life throws at us when we least expect them.

Last week, what kept me from the blog was a power cut that left 1000 homes in East Barnet without electricity for a couple of hours on a Tuesday afternoon. I became aware that something was wrong when I stepped off the train from Chichester and heard more house alarms than felt right going off all at the same time. When the power went back on a couple of hours later, my computer was refusing to work and did not want to play, in spite of several attempts to get it going again, for another week. Hey, we all need a break – computers too, perhaps? But there is always something to be gained from such mishaps.

The lack of computer access also coincided with a horrible virus that saw me seriously lacking in energy for a couple of weeks. My default mode would have had me on the Internet, doing this and that, so instead, I was forced to really rest, sleep a lot, go to the park and relax on the grass or a log, doing the bare minimum whilst encouraging my boys to have fun. My Mum came; helped out; gave me a break.

Today, if I’m honest, has been one of those dark days. Only now, in my early 40s, have I become fully aware of how certain emotionals arise at this particular time in my menstrual cycle. I know the feelings of anxiety that arise around certain issues at this time of the month will soon pass and I am looking to gratitude to help me through. Today’s is a small, but powerful list. Including the why of each thing I appreciate adds to the power.

Today, I am grateful for the enforced down time I took during the Easter school break; I would not have stopped had it not been for the virus. I am grateful to my Mum for coming, then staying, a full four days longer than intended; I would have felt so much more pressure had she not been present. I am grateful for my growing awareness of the triggers that amplify certain emotions and for my love who listens and talks me through; knowing this is a pattern that will pass is reassuring, as is a loving hand on my back. I am grateful for a nap on the lawn on a blanket in the sunshine this afternoon; it was good to let myself stop and lay back or no other reason than I wanted to and the clouds today were precious gifts. I am grateful that I feel comfortable showing myself just as I am and that those who matter don’t mind and love me just as I am; everyone wants to feel loved and accepted and I do.

Name one thing you are grateful for today and why. I would love to hear what you have appreciated most recently.



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