Good Friday Gratitude List… what are you grateful for today?

Today, I am grateful for a yesterday full of joy… for a whole string of happy moments that made me smile both inside and out that make for a long and full gratitude list. The day was pure magic from the early morning moment when I realised, coffee in hand in the kitchen, that I felt so much better (the Wednesday night curry had worked its magic) and the virus was gone… to the moment I peered into the living room and caught sight of small boy curled up on the carpet, wrapped in a spotty blanket, head on a velvet cushion, fast asleep after a full day of fun.

boys playing in the woods

The moments in between were pretty fabulous too…
Three boys (my 2 + a friend) running excitedly through the woods in Trent Park to find a suitable place to play; the first splashes as they waded into the water and I stood at the edge, looking in at the fast-flowing stream and colourful stones beneath; the beautiful bright green of the moss that I used to make the beginnings of a mandala before the 3 got up and ran deeper into the woods and along the stream, me following. I am grateful for the first picnic of the year, for 7 whole happy hours spent out of doors with 3 boys all working together on a bridge building mission, carving footholds into the banks of the steam without one cross word between them. I am grateful that a dear, feel-good friend came to join us late in the afternoon with 2 more boys and tea in flasks and carb snacks just when we needed them. I am grateful for every single tiny detail that caught my eye… and there were many. I am grateful for the precious moments shared with big boy after small one had fallen asleep, exhausted. I am grateful that he let me dry his hair and rub his back and have a chat… some of the things he often resists, but I know he enjoys them.

leaf detail

I am grateful for the little breaks from helping the clan gathering sticks and stones, just to sit with my bum on a branch and feel the sun on my face. I can feel it even now as I am writing; I have a glow… at long last after months of chilly (yet mild for Winter) weather. I am not sure if I have been sun-burned or wind-blasted, but I feel alive and it is good! I am grateful for the green parakeets that noisily serenaded our activities from high up above in the trees… and I am equally grateful for the little robin who quietly visited us down on the ground.

mandala in the woods

I am grateful that I have a couple of days to myself… to catch up on the things that were neglected whilst ill and with half-term hands full and that I have time to sit and write out my gratitude list. Whilst my gratitude are often confined to my head or my Facebook page before bedtime, I am grateful for the opportunity to expand on the small things that have made me smile and in doing so enjoy the pleasure of reliving them.

What were the events, however big or small, and who are the people who made you smile this week? Please take a moment to share them in the comments below… I would love to hear.

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