Asking for help

Today, I am asking for help… reaching out to my friends via Facebook.

Asking for help can be really hard. Many of us are so caught up in helping others that we forget that there are many people ready and willing to help us. The problem is… they don’t know we need their help until we ask. Helping someone out can give a real sense of satisfaction, so there is no need to feel that you are being a burden when you ask for help… you may be doing them a favour and your asking for help may give them a sense of purpose today. It can seem so much easier just to carry on, doing everything ourselves, trying to be super-human, but it’s as natural to want to help people out as it is to want help, even if we don’t like asking. I hope you will take some inspiration form what I did today…

Hi there,

The one thing I have done to be kinder to myself today is reaching out and asking for help.

A project I had been working on over the last five years recently drew to a close and so, although I have a few bits of freelance work, a lot of that involves sitting in front of a computer and I would like to be doing some more work face to face, meeting more creative people. So, I put a post out on Facebook asking for friends to connect me with other creative folks and to keep an eye out for anybody who might need a hand; who might need some help and I have had some really, really lovely responses, which reminds me how important it is for us to reach out and ask for help when we need it.

The worst anyone can say really is “no” and I have had some lovely offers of help, some great ideas of jobs, of places I can run workshops, a few people keeping an eye out for something for me. So, I feel really, really pleased, really proud of myself that I reached out today, asked my friends for some help and I am wondering what you could do today… either to help somebody who needs a hand – I am sure you are doing plenty of that already – or, better still, to reach out and ask for some help yourself. If there is anything you’re stuck with, anything you’re struggling with, where can you put out a call for help? Who can you ask to give you a hand today?

That’s all for now.

Bye bye.

asking for helpReceiving help can be a beautiful thing; giving help also… people love to give, so give somebody the gift of allowing them to help you today and graciously receiving their help.
What do you need a helping hand with right now?
Who can you ask?
How will you make your request?

Let me know what you asked for in the comments below and how that went. Tell me how it feels to ask for help. Do you feel resistance or does it come naturally to you?

Oh, and I have a little request for help from you too… if any of my posts speak to you or if you feel they would benefit a friend, please share them on. Thank you!

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