Today, I am grateful for… the beauty of nature all around me


Nature… it is one of the things we come back to when we are not quite sure what to put on our gratitude list. At the end of a difficult day, we may look around and wonder, what can I be thankful for today?

Nature… the one constant; always there with us, surrounding us, reminding us that whatever else is going on, the grass will keep on growing and flowers will continue to bloom and the cycle of life goes on.

This morning, I woke with a profound sense of gratitude for the nature that I experience at close quarters on a daily basis.

At the suggestion of Dorna Djenab, my yoga teacher and friend, I placed a plant in my bedroom when I decluttered it. That plant, a beautiful Phalaenopsis (moth orchid) on my bedside table was the first thing I set eyes on this morning. The graceful bend in the stem, the rich colour of the long-lasting blooms greeted me on waking. As I slowly became more aware of my surroundings, my gaze shifted outside my bedroom window where the statuesque Eucalyptus dances and sways in the breeze. On rising, the sound of birdsong became apparent and even now, sitting here at my screen, listening to the sound of a strimmer in a neighbouring garden, the smell of the grass it is taming floats in through the window and is a pleasure to breathe in.

Nature… I return to you today and feel grateful for the deep and lasting connection that weaves a thread throughout my life. I love your contrasts and your diversity. I appreciate your strength and your vulnerability. Many of my happiest days have been spent in your company.

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