Connect with nature on the scenic route home

Today, I have chosen to connect with nature and take the scenic route home from the school run.

Hi there,

It’s Thursday morning; I’ve just dropped my small boy off at school and I am being kinder to myself today by just taking a ten minute detour through my local park, rather than taking the busy road route home. So, I’m just taking a ten minute stroll in nature, listening to the birdsong, looking up at all the beautiful trees, up at some of the flowers as well – there are some amazing plants that are much taller than me. I find that just taking ten minutes out for a green stroll – either in the middle of the day or in the morning before I start work, before I sit at the computer or start running around or whatever it is I have to do on that particular day really helps ground me and helps me feel that I have done something enjoyable, something for myself and something that really helps me connect with nature before I start on whatever it is I have to do.

So this is ten minutes of kindness to myself today in my local park and I’m just going to spin you round to see how pretty it looks this morning.

Talk to you soon.
Bye for now.


How can you connect with nature in your busy day?
Is there a scenic detour you could take instead of the default busy road route?
Are there any green spaces close to where you work that you could slip out into for a few minutes at lunchtime?
Can you find a sheltering tree to sit beneath and slowly breathe in some fresh air before returning to your busy day?
Let me know how you connected with nature today in the comments below.
I would love to hear from you.

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