What do you do to feel good when you don’t know what you love to do?

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feel good what do you love to do


Sounds easy, you might think. But what if you are so wrapped up in work or in looking after others that you have forgotten what makes you feel good? Where do you even start then? You can begin with one of my favourite themes – gratitude.

If you are not sure what to do to make yourself feel good, start keeping a gratitude list; note the things you are most grateful for and do them more often.

Gratitude lists help us and focus on the good things at the end of the day. An evening gratitude ritual helps you close even the most stressful of days on a higher note, which in turn helps promote a good night’s sleep. Keep a journal by your bed to reflect on the happy moments in your day before you close your eyes for the night, then check back every week or so to notice the themes. For me, nature, friends and family make a regular appearance, so I make a conscious effort to spend more time out in nature and to spend more time connecting with my family and my friends.

Starting to do more things that make you feel good may be as simple as a cup of coffee or fresh juice in your garden enjoying the birdsong for 5 minutes before the working day begins; it may be baking cookies with your kids; a weekly dance class or a quick cycle ride to shake up the energy when you are stagnating. You don’t have to do anything big right now and doing things you love need not cost you lots of money; a good life is made up of a string of happy moments.

What will you do to feel good today?

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