Taking a break in the garden with hot water and lemon juice

Today, I am being kinder to myself by sitting in the garden, enjoying a mug of hot water and lemon juice. Simple self-care also led to a little illustration of my morning.

Hi there,

I’ve had a pretty productive morning here, at home, in front of the computer.

I am being kinder to myself right now, by sitting outside in the sunshine, enjoying the wind in my hair and drinking a mug of hot water with lemon juice. I consumed rather too much sugar over the weekend and so I am trying to redress the balance and enjoy some healthy drinks and take some time out from the computer and just be out here, be quiet and still for a few minutes before I return to my work and I know I will feel much better.

Talk to you later.
Bye bye.

Funny how doing one simple thing for yourself can lead to something bigger. I felt so happy sitting out in my garden, favourite mug in hand, that it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do a little drawing and capture the moment with pen and paint.

I have been drinking coffee on a daily basis for a while now and moved away from my herbal tea habit. However, just enjoying one mug of water and lemon has reminded me how much better I feel when I treat my body well. Time to stock up on the lemons methinks!

What is the one simple thing that you will do to be kinder to yourself today?
How do you feel when you treat yourself well?


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