Living with Nature and Colour

Hi there,

I am making a little video from my bedroom today, because I just wanted to talk, very quickly, about the impact of colour and nature on our immediate environment. I put this beautiful orchid in my bedroom a couple of weeks ago when I decluttered and worked on my bedroom with the intention of turning it into a sanctuary and moving this beautiful flower next to my bed has been one of the best things I have done. Firstly, because bringing nature indoors is something that my yoga teacher suggested and I have always been aware of the dancing of the leaves on the trees outside my bedroom window; I often lie in bed, gazing out at my eucaylptus in the garden as the leaves sway in the breeze, but having a beautiful, kind of purply-pink flower like this to wake up to in the morning has an incredibly uplifting effect. I chose this one because of it’s colour and because of the abundance of flowers and buds on it when I first saw it. And secondly, I have been introducing a lot more colour into my environment recently and becoming increasingly aware how having colours that really speak to you and colours that really uplift you very close by has a massive impact on how you feel. So, when I wake up in the morning and I see my aqua blanket, I see my golden bedspread and all the colours in my lovely cushion here, I feel instantly happier and it’s just a really great way to start the day.

The colours that I choose are not for everyone, but these are the colours that really make me feel good.

Being kinder to myself today, I am bringing nature indoors and living with colour.

orchid living with nature

Is living with nature something you already do?
Which room in your house could do with an injection of nature and colour?

Could you clear a little space on your bedside table and choose a beautiful flower to greet you each morning?
Let me know which plant and which colour you would choose in the comments below.

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