Saturday Visual Gratitude List

I always sleep much better when I have written a gratitude list before bed. Last night, I opened up my iPad, keyed in the title and went to bed; no list. I was tired and ready for the end of a long, happy day.

In bed, I lay awake…

So tired, but unable to sleep, I lay listening to the sounds of cars passing, few thoughts, just the occasional wondering about how long I had been laying there waiting for the day to slip into night. Eventually, I nodded off, but was soon woken by the sound of snoring. Cue another sleepless hour which ended in counting sheep. I made it to 16!

Why do I tell you this? Because I know, without doubt, that if I had remembered to count my blessings, sleep would have been so much easier last night. So many things to be thankful for had popped into my head during the day and my intention was to write them up (and even do a little illustration) that night, but I was too tired.

On nights when I have listed my blessings before lights out, my sleep is deeper and more peaceful than on nights I have not. And when I count my blessings in my head before sleep, I rarely get to the end of my list… there is always something to be grateful for.

So today, I am starting my weekend with a visual gratitude list of things that have warmed my heart this week.

visual gratitude list

I am feeling enormous gratitude for each and every one of my fabulous friends who reached out to help or connect with me or connect me with other creative souls or contacts this week. Such a wonderful response to the simple act of asking for help.

I am grateful that my big boy’s SATS tests are over and that we were able to enjoy a celebratory evening together, just he and me and pizza. There has been nothing funny about them, but the iPad I am writing on just auto-corrected SATS to SATSUMA. I had to share as that made me giggle.

I am grateful for a morning cuppa with a friend exactly when I needed it and for her listening ear.

I am grateful for time in the sunshine, paintbrush in hand today and for a small nap on the grass in my Summer dress as well. Loving that feeling of sun on my skin.

I am also grateful for the first poppies of the season that are showing their heads and that they close and sleep in the evenings… a beautiful reminder that we all need rest.

I am grateful to you for stopping by.

If there is something you feel especially grateful for today, please leave a comment. I love to hear what has made other people smile. I hope you have something to share with me.



  1. says

    What a great idea Julia. Love this. Gratitude is powerful. This is a great way to cultivate gratitude. It hanks for sharing. This might be a good art challenge.

    • Julia Elmore says

      Thank you Kim. I love this format for little visual lists and often fill a postcard with things I love and notice whilst on holiday. I would love to see your version if you create one. X

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