Hello, I’m Julia Elmore

Julia About Me

I am an artist, mother, mentor and teacher.
I live in a colourful home in North London with my two sons.
My goal is to help you live a more joyful life with gratitude and creativity.

I believe that everyone is a creative being, but it can take practice and persistence to achieve the results you would like and I am here to support you in turning your creative dreams into reality.

Gratitude is one of the most easily accessible tools you can use to create feelings of joy and abundance in the moment. I aim to help you create a sustainable gratitude practice by providing you with tools you can use right away to increase your happiness and wellbeing.

Having created a life where I am free to follow my passions and get paid to do the things that both light me up and help others too, I want you to experience the same feelings of happiness, creativity and freedom that I enjoy whilst keeping my role as Mum to my two boys a priority.

My online courses, workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions draw on my personal experience and are designed to help you reconnect with your creativity and embrace a life in which you can find things to be grateful for every day. Art has always been central to my life and I have gained expertise in a variety of areas in the years since leaving art school where I gained a BA in Three Dimensional Design (Ceramics).

Some of the highlights have been…

  • Senior Editor of Raw Vision magazine.
  • Co-curator of British Outsider Art at Halle Saint Pierre, Paris.
  • Curator of independent exhibitions in London.
  • Co-ordinator of Folk Art Tour to India to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Nek Chand’s Rock Garden.
  • Speaking on Outsider Art and Visionary Environments at Dr. Guislain Museum, Ghent and Tate Modern, London.
  • Researcher and Mentor, Interpreting Collections, Outside In at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester.
  • Mentor and Genie working alongside bestselling author John Williams on The 30 Day Challenge and Screw Work Academy.

Creativity spills out into every area of my life... from messing with recipes in my purple kitchen to chalking out and about in my local area. I like to walk for hours, observing everything and capturing the little details on camera. Last year, I learned to sail (an unexpected development), which satisfied my desire to spend more time in wide open spaces. I love to make plans, but the things that bring the biggest smile to my face are often the most unexpected!

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