The Gratitude Project… an Interview with Eli Trier

One of the things I appreciate most about the Internet is that it has enabled me to discover and connect with so many amazing people whose work, art and lives are truly inspiring. One of the things I am keen to do here on the blog is share the stories of those who inspire and excite me. My first … [Read more...]

Connecting with my Body More Consciously

As I mentioned in previous posts, I was forced to slow my ordinary pace over the Easter holidays due to a virus that left me exhausted, even after a good long night of sleep. It made me appreciate the normal things; how I usually go through each day with such ease. This week, boys back at school, I … [Read more...]

Friday Gratitude List… what are you grateful for and why?

Since committing (in my head) to a weekly gratitude post here, I have been absent. Funny how that happens; the Universe steps in and decides that it's time for you to take a break when you've only just started. However, just the horse-mad teen me used to get straight back on and ride again after a … [Read more...]

Good Friday Gratitude List… what are you grateful for today?

Today, I am grateful for a yesterday full of joy... for a whole string of happy moments that made me smile both inside and out that make for a long and full gratitude list. The day was pure magic from the early morning moment when I realised, coffee in hand in the kitchen, that I felt so much better … [Read more...]

In Praise of Shadows…

"...find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides." Junichiro Tanizaki Today, I am sharing my shadows... It is the Easter break... boys are home; I am full of cold (3 days in - mine only usually last just 24 hours) and … [Read more...]

Easter Bunny mask-making… let the children lead the way

So, after posting 8 Great Activities for the Easter Holidays that don't involve Feathers or Eggs on the blog last week, small boy made it pretty clear this morning that Easter activities were on his agenda for the day. Luckily, we had just finished a packet of cereal, so we had the cardboard … [Read more...]

Friday Gratitude List… what are you grateful for today?

The gratitude practice I established in 2012, has had an uplifting impact, way beyond any expectations¬†I had when thoughts of implementing a regular gratitude practice first came to me in the shower in January 2012. The most obvious benefits of my evening practice of writing a gratitude list have … [Read more...]