The Gratitude Daily Interviews #2 – Barbara Winter

Barbara Winter's Joyfully Jobless Newsletters have been landing in my inbox for a couple of years now, inspiring me and countless others with stories of how she and many people she influences and encounters make a living without a job. So, I was delighted when Judith Morgan suggested Barbara for a … [Read more...]

The Gratitude Daily Interviews #1 – Judith Morgan

Happy World Gratitude Day! Gratitude has played a major role in my life since January 2013 when a simple act of kindness by a stranger on a bus led me to create a gratitude practice, first for myself, then with friends before sharing more widely. I love hearing about people's individual gratitude … [Read more...]

Life Loves You…

This week, my boys are enjoying a few days of Sports Camp at the local secondary school. It is the school that big boy will begin just one week from now and small boy is likely to move on up to in 5 years time. They get to choose 4 sports each from a schedule and play all day. Last Feb, when they … [Read more...]

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

Yesterday, on the blog, I was reflecting on time away and one of the things that struck me was my response to big son's question, "What do you miss about home Mum?" I can honestly say that I struggled to come up with anything. Away with my family in Cornwall, I had all that I needed and actually … [Read more...]

Let’s start the week with Gratitude…

Today, I am enjoying some quiet time at my computer whilst the boys are making the most of the sports camp at our local school. I feel grateful for this opportunity. I have been blessed with a work-free Summer, so made the most of every day with the boys. Today, things are a little different as … [Read more...]

Nothing stays the same for long…

We are less than one week into the school holidays. This is the last Summer before big boy starts senior school and small one moves on up to the bigger primary site. Time is passing; boys are growing; things are changing. Nothing stays the same for long. In the run up to the school break, I was … [Read more...]

Manifesting Grace through Gratitude

As followers of my work, you will already be aware of the important role gratitude plays in my life. Knowing this, several kind friends of mine alerted me to a free 21 Day Meditation Experience with Deepak Chopra that starts today. Having just listened to the first meditation, I feel that this is … [Read more...]

Friday Inspiration… Lonnie Holley

As a Creator, I see inspiration everywhere. It is not just art that inspires. At times, it is sound: the voice of a stranger on a train; a conversation overheard; the rhythm of a knife on the chopping board and there is a certain something in the dawn chorus that awakens an often inexplicable … [Read more...]